Innovative Community Participation

At Classic Home Care, we offer innovative community participation services designed to support people with disability in building skills that allow them to participate actively in their community, events, and programmes.

  • Assisting them with independent travel training.
  • Workshops on finding suitable employment, and job training workshops, employment seminars, etc.
  • Mentoring to overcome challenges and continue your job.
  • Assistance and support for setting up your own small business.
  • Exploring personal interests and working towards them.
  • Conducting interactive and informative sessions.
  • Participation in free community events

Participate in Community

At Classic Home Care we believe that every person has the right to be the part of community.
Our professional and friendly staff will help you to be the part of the community, explore new activities, enjoy your hobbies, and spent time with your loved ones.
We help you to feel normal in the community and enjoy your life and feel relax.
This will include going to local café, joining a netball team, bushwalking with a friend, doing a craft class, getting work experience, or volunteering.